Be polite, please (and why rules are there to be questioned)

We do lots of work with people who write to customers. Especially angry customers who’ve had a lousy ‘customer experience’ and have put pen to paper, or typing finger to Twitter, to rant and rave. (We’ve all been one.)

What to watch for when you have emoji in your tone of voice

We often get asked if emoji belong in a tone of voice. And of course they can. Monzo is one of the best examples of getting them to fit right in. Once you’ve defined your tone it should be fairly obvious whether you’re the 🎉 type or not. But how you use them, well, that’s a bit more nuanced.

You don't know how much you don't know

How well do you understand a toilet flush? Your kettle? The fridge? You pull a lever and water runs. You flick a switch and water boils. You open a door and it’s cold. We get these things; we use them every day. Right?

Why learning about storytelling isn’t learning to tell a story

Everybody’s a storyteller now, aren’t they? Brands. Corporate leaders. Content channels. Multi-platform experiences. They’ve all got a story to tell. Or at least one to sell. So it’s not surprising that we get asked to run storytelling workshops all the time. 

Don't let your brand story become a bland story

Let’s play a game of ‘guess who?’. Here are three brand stories from three startup type companies. I’ve anonymised the giveaway bits, so you tell me: who’s talking?

No, Mr Trump. I expect you to lie.

Here’s a thing Trump tweeted today: What do you notice about the tone?

Why a flexible tone of voice is a waste of your time and money

There are a few questions tone of voice agencies get asked a lot. But there’s one that comes up way more than the rest: how do we build flex into our tone of voice? My answer’s always the same: don’t.

Why storytelling is for grown ups (and babies beat bullets)

When I tell people I run storytelling workshops they often look a bit incredulous. Why would something so childish be useful for serious work people with proper jobs? Brain-hacking, I say.

Your tone of voice can shine when you say sorry

Picture it: some friends without kids have invited you round for a lovely grown up birthday party. You’ve brought a present, but the real gift is two hours minus Pokémon and plus wine. Red wine. Which you promptly spill all over their beautiful white sofa.

Why brand consistency matters (it’s nothing to do with what all the agencies tell you)

If there’s one thing everyone in branding drones on about all the time, it’s that brand consistency is a good thing.